Village Idiot

I had never before heard the phrase until my freshman year at Moody Bible Institute. Fresh-faced and bubbling with new- relationship pep, I eagerly sat in the pew ready to begin the semester surveying the New Testament with Dr. Dr. Gerald Vreeland. No, that's not a typo; he sincerely has two doctorates, not to mention [...]


There I am, scrolling through Facebook and I see countless monumental posts about how "grateful so-and-so is for their mom" and how "days like Mother's Day don't come around enough." And there I sit with my thoughts that are clouded, emotions dazed, eyes that are bleary and I look to the clock counting down the [...]

Deeper than the Sea

"Your everlasting love is higher!" *clap clap* "Higher!" *clap clap* "Higher than the sky...Your everlasting love is deeper!" *clap clap* "Deeper!" *clap clap* "Deeper than the sea." These playfully melodic words bring me back to the flannel-graphed and snot-faced days of Sunday School, and they jangled around in my head this morning as I read [...]